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RESTART: Challenge #46 (fortnightly) – Drop Sleep-ins, Add Tech-free Leisure Time

Yes! It’s true! A new challenge! How exciting! *strikes an imaginary cheerleader pose* This fortnight, I will aim to get up before midday. Problematic sleeping habits have always been a major source of difficulty for me. Various things over the … Continue reading

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Exercise motivations and blocks

I’m over halfway through my week of fitness madness and have found some positive things happening as well as some challenges. In Australia, some of the free-to-air networks have recently added an extra, shopping channel each. I generally just delete … Continue reading

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Week 42 Review: Early yawns and workplace surprises

The aim of getting up extra early this week was to give myself more chance to get out and about instead of slouching around at home. I was completely successful at getting up early. I even found that it helped … Continue reading

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Week 36: Drop Makeup/Add Writing

About a fortnight ago, I felt as if my life had suddenly spun out of control, and I was scared and baffled. I felt exhausted, I felt stressed and I felt anxious. I even felt depressed. I would go to … Continue reading

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Week 35 Review: It’s Time to Relax!!

It is Saturday of the Easter long weekend. I have been out every day in the week. It has been busy and momentous, with some new things tried, a choir concert and the birth of my sister’s second child. It … Continue reading

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Drop Being Awake/Add Doing All the Things

On Thursday and Friday I was unwell. Of course, I felt guilty for this, and ashamed. Although I would never blame others for their own illnesses, it’s always my own fault if I’m unwell. This is because there is always … Continue reading

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Week 34 Review: Having the answers, but not knowing how…

This week, I had hoped to find some strategies for dealing with the stress and lower mood I have been experiencing recently. I don’t think any of my strategies worked, but I have found my way out of the depths … Continue reading

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