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Week 43 Review: Not as pathetic as I think I am.

When I started DO/AO, one of my first challenges was to drop negativity. This wasn’t very successful, but I did learn a few things. I learned that it’s good to have a plan for new thoughts to focus on instead … Continue reading

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Week 41: Drop Electronic Entertainment/Add Gym Visits

Sometimes life gets in the way of things I want or intend to do. Sometimes facebook does. This week I will drop idle computer and TV use. This means that I have banned myself from facebook, I am not allowed … Continue reading

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Week 29: Drop Internet/Add Morning Tasks

I’ve been trying to think for the past few days of what I would like to drop and add this week. As this is a bit like a reboot, I find myself wanting to redo many of my past drops … Continue reading

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It’s not painful, it’s fun!

Sometimes I read blogs or articles and one thing in them stands out, resonates, or sparks a new idea. Yesterday I was reading this blog entry about resolutions. While there was a lot in it of value, it was one … Continue reading

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Weekend 17 Review: In Which Zaiene Has a Lightbulb Moment While Writing

I am constantly struggling with self-criticism that I should be more productive, accepting myself and learning to relax and appreciate the moment, and with genuine procrastination. I am hideously, unreasonably hard on myself, but the problem is that there’s always … Continue reading

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Weekend 16: Internet TV/Mindful Moments

I’m not quite a TV junkie. I don’t think I watch an excessive amount of television compared to the average Australian, but I am someone who usually watches television every day. Sometimes, this is fine. If there are programs I … Continue reading

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Weekend 15 Review: With great study comes great floatability.

I find it peculiar that I have struggled with study all semester, but somehow making it part of Drop One/Add One for a weekend had me studying for up to three hours first thing on Saturday and Sunday. It’s all … Continue reading

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