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Affirming Kinder Self-Thoughts: They’re Not Indulgent Excuses

Wait, what happened? I’m actually…doing some stuff?? Barely a week after proposing that Watching a Lot of YouTube May Not Be Procrastination, I find small changes in my attitude and behaviour are affirming this. Over the past week, I’ve done … Continue reading

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Week 44: Weightloss Special

This weekend I became really discouraged. In particular, I became discouraged about my weight loss goal. Although I know I mention health-and-fitness-related goals in this blog, I try not to focus too much on weight loss itself. I try to … Continue reading

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If I’d known they had super-sonic treadmills…

Well, if I’d known they had super-sonic* treadmills, maybe I would have braved the gym a lot sooner! Yes, I managed to drag myself to the gym today! I am so very proud of myself! It was quite nifty, actually, because … Continue reading

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Week 40 and Review: Drop Junk Food/Add Statements of Greatness

Well, my blossoms, I feel like I am turning a corner! This week I attempted to drop all junk food, and I finally feel that I am on my way. I have been trying to get back to healthy eating … Continue reading

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Day of Disaster

Today was a disaster! For my newish research job, it is my task to go through a complicated procedure of taking a participants measurements (such as height, BMI, blood pressure…), having them fill out questionnaires, randomising them into a group … Continue reading

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Week 32: Drop Distractions/Add Morning Logs

This week I will drop distractions and add morning logs. (On reflection, I suppose that “drop distractions” really means “add mindfulness”. Often these challenges can be a drop or an add.) I’ve noticed the past few weeks how often I seek … Continue reading

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Maybe we should believe the best about ourselves

I have a tedency to believe the worst about myself. When I think there is something positive about me (perhaps a skill or a way I deal with certain situations), there’s always a little creeping doubt that perhaps I’m not as … Continue reading

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