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Week 39 Review: The birds have flown but the mushrooms are here to stay.

Last week I dropped electronic clutter. I don’t think I had completely appreciated how big a task this was! I began with the most momentus of all my electronic decluttering: I removed all four versions of Angry Birds from my … Continue reading

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Week 38: Drop chocolate/Add a schedule

I’ve been working a lot this fortnight and finding it a bit hard to find some mental energy for blogging, so I know I’m a little behind! A review of my last blogged challenge is pending. This post will be … Continue reading

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Not exactly a zen experience…

My life is now full of simplicity and bliss. Now that I have disconnected from the computer, I am filled with a sense of calmness, wellbeing and productivity. Yeah, we’ve all heard that one before, right? I missed my computer!! … Continue reading

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Week 29: Drop Internet/Add Morning Tasks

I’ve been trying to think for the past few days of what I would like to drop and add this week. As this is a bit like a reboot, I find myself wanting to redo many of my past drops … Continue reading

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Weekend 27: Drop Clutter/Add Cleaning

The Summer holidays are almost over and I have done almost none of the spring cleaning I planned to do. In fact, I have done very little housecleaning of any kind for months. Last year was The Great Rut of … Continue reading

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Some reflective babble, on Christmas Eve.

So, with Christmas coming, my little blog has been pushed down the the priority list – but I haven’t completely forgotten Drop One/Add One, even if I haven’t been recording anything. I’d like to bump it up the list now, … Continue reading

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Weekend 17 Review: In Which Zaiene Has a Lightbulb Moment While Writing

I am constantly struggling with self-criticism that I should be more productive, accepting myself and learning to relax and appreciate the moment, and with genuine procrastination. I am hideously, unreasonably hard on myself, but the problem is that there’s always … Continue reading

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