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It’s Not Easy to Discard Negativity

I was immediately going to jump into my next DO/AO thingy after the last, but every time I decided what I wanted to focus on, I almost immediately thought of something different, and so have been vacillating like a typical … Continue reading

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2014-02 Drop Caring What Others Think (1)/Add Daily Creative Writing

I’ve had a few “add” ideas this month, but a drought of “drop” inspiration. In usual Zaiene fashion, I’ve suddenly come up with a flurry of ideas for things in my life to drop! So, once more you find me here in … Continue reading

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Week 43 Review: Not as pathetic as I think I am.

When I started DO/AO, one of my first challenges was to drop negativity. This wasn’t very successful, but I did learn a few things. I learned that it’s good to have a plan for new thoughts to focus on instead … Continue reading

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Week 44: Weightloss Special

This weekend I became really discouraged. In particular, I became discouraged about my weight loss goal. Although I know I mention health-and-fitness-related goals in this blog, I try not to focus too much on weight loss itself. I try to … Continue reading

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Week 42: Drop Negative Self-Comparison/Add Rising Early

I’m feeling somewhat competent – even confident – with work at the moment. It seems now is an advantageous time to really try to drop those negative self-comparisons with which my brain likes to oppress me. Not the task of only a week, I know, but if I can … Continue reading

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Complaining and sunshine don’t mix.

Bill’s blog post about complaining got me reflecting and thinking. (No, really Zai? That never happens!) Relatedly, a few years back I had a year where it seemed a lot of complaining and backstabbing happened all at once. A friend … Continue reading

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Partial Weekend 23 Review: Witholding my own happiness

It’s a tricky business, counteracting the insidious negative thoughts that have taken residence in the depths of my psyche. In many cases, the hardest part is identifying them in the first place, for often I’m not even aware of the … Continue reading

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