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Why Watching a Lot of YouTube May Not Be Procrastination

I think it’s fairly relatable, the scenario where we read a lot of blogs, watch a lot of YouTube videos or TED talks and generally spend our time devouring information from the internet on a topic rather than actually doing … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy to Discard Negativity

I was immediately going to jump into my next DO/AO thingy after the last, but every time I decided what I wanted to focus on, I almost immediately thought of something different, and so have been vacillating like a typical … Continue reading

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RESTART: Challenge #46 (fortnightly) – Drop Sleep-ins, Add Tech-free Leisure Time

Yes! It’s true! A new challenge! How exciting! *strikes an imaginary cheerleader pose* This fortnight, I will aim to get up before midday. Problematic sleeping habits have always been a major source of difficulty for me. Various things over the … Continue reading

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Week 41: Drop Electronic Entertainment/Add Gym Visits

Sometimes life gets in the way of things I want or intend to do. Sometimes facebook does. This week I will drop idle computer and TV use. This means that I have banned myself from facebook, I am not allowed … Continue reading

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Not exactly a zen experience…

My life is now full of simplicity and bliss. Now that I have disconnected from the computer, I am filled with a sense of calmness, wellbeing and productivity. Yeah, we’ve all heard that one before, right? I missed my computer!! … Continue reading

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Week 29: Drop Internet/Add Morning Tasks

I’ve been trying to think for the past few days of what I would like to drop and add this week. As this is a bit like a reboot, I find myself wanting to redo many of my past drops … Continue reading

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Weekend 16: Internet TV/Mindful Moments

I’m not quite a TV junkie. I don’t think I watch an excessive amount of television compared to the average Australian, but I am someone who usually watches television every day. Sometimes, this is fine. If there are programs I … Continue reading

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