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Remembering the Old, But Forgetting the New

When attempting to get back to healthier/more positive habits or further improve my habits, I try to remind myself to keep in mind the lessons and realisations I have discovered in the past. For instance, one thing that I strongly … Continue reading

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September Challenge: Drop Sweet Treats/Add Positive Health Activities

Spring has sprung a day early in Melbourne* and it seems like the perfect time after a long break to begin a new challenge: a challenge to add more healthy activities and drop the sweet treats. Not just for a … Continue reading

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Week 44 Review: Crashing and hiding – and what I’ve learned.

Hello Readers (if there are still any of you reading)! I would like to apologise for disappearing last year. I stopped writing for a few weeks because I got a bit sick, but really I found it hard to get … Continue reading

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Week 43 Review: Not as pathetic as I think I am.

When I started DO/AO, one of my first challenges was to drop negativity. This wasn’t very successful, but I did learn a few things. I learned that it’s good to have a plan for new thoughts to focus on instead … Continue reading

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Week 41 Review: Out with the television and in with the treadmill

There’s never enough time! It always seems to disappear. I often feel as if I’ve been constantly occupied and yet nothing has been done. Nothing gets done, but somehow I don’t feel as if I’ve been relaxing, either! Enter electronic … Continue reading

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Week 42: Drop Negative Self-Comparison/Add Rising Early

I’m feeling somewhat competent – even confident – with work at the moment. It seems now is an advantageous time to really try to drop those negative self-comparisons with which my brain likes to oppress me. Not the task of only a week, I know, but if I can … Continue reading

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If I’d known they had super-sonic treadmills…

Well, if I’d known they had super-sonic* treadmills, maybe I would have braved the gym a lot sooner! Yes, I managed to drag myself to the gym today! I am so very proud of myself! It was quite nifty, actually, because … Continue reading

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