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Week 44: Weightloss Special

This weekend I became really discouraged. In particular, I became discouraged about my weight loss goal. Although I know I mention health-and-fitness-related goals in this blog, I try not to focus too much on weight loss itself. I try to … Continue reading

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Dramatically amazing, life-changing changability!

I have been thinking recently that DO/AO has outlived its usefulness as a weekend-only experiment and that it is time to switch to week-long challenges. While some changes seem more manageable to try for just a weekend – without the … Continue reading

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It’s not painful, it’s fun!

Sometimes I read blogs or articles and one thing in them stands out, resonates, or sparks a new idea. Yesterday I was reading this blog entry about resolutions. While there was a lot in it of value, it was one … Continue reading

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Partial Weekend 23 Review: Witholding my own happiness

It’s a tricky business, counteracting the insidious negative thoughts that have taken residence in the depths of my psyche. In many cases, the hardest part is identifying them in the first place, for often I’m not even aware of the … Continue reading

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Weekend 14 Review: Change the script, not the acting?

I did manage to get a few chores done by choosing not to sit and be a blob. It was useful and helpful. I still don’t think I’ve completely cracked this whole effcient organisation business, but it is another very … Continue reading

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Drop What? Add What?

I should study more/spend more time on myself/go on the computer less/blog more/use less energy/excercise more/have a simpler life/embrace complexity/do more for the environment/work harder/read more/spend less time indoors/visit more places/spend less money/be more positive/procrastinate less/meditate/spend more time with family/get … Continue reading

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