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2013 Summary

I had a few simple goals for 2013: 1. Prioritise regular exercise to manage stress during Honours, increase energy and generally stay healthy. 2. Prioritise regular journally to manage stress during Honours. 3. Complete my Honours coursework brilliantly and produce … Continue reading

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September Challenge: Drop Sweet Treats/Add Positive Health Activities

Spring has sprung a day early in Melbourne* and it seems like the perfect time after a long break to begin a new challenge: a challenge to add more healthy activities and drop the sweet treats. Not just for a … Continue reading

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Week 40 and Review: Drop Junk Food/Add Statements of Greatness

Well, my blossoms, I feel like I am turning a corner! This week I attempted to drop all junk food, and I finally feel that I am on my way. I have been trying to get back to healthy eating … Continue reading

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Week 39 Review: The birds have flown but the mushrooms are here to stay.

Last week I dropped electronic clutter. I don’t think I had completely appreciated how big a task this was! I began with the most momentus of all my electronic decluttering: I removed all four versions of Angry Birds from my … Continue reading

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Week 39: Drop electronic clutter/Add new foods

I had big plans for this week, but now I am sick, so I have had to re-evaluate! This week I am attempting to drop some of the electronic clutter in my life. I seem to be a natural hoarder … Continue reading

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Week 37: Drop Self-Conscious Avoidance/Add Eating Behaviour Journal

I can’t believe it’s so long since I’ve posted here! I think life and ill-health got a bit overwhelming for a while before I went overseas. But now I am back, with just as many good intentions and wordy reflections … Continue reading

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Week 32: Drop Distractions/Add Morning Logs

This week I will drop distractions and add morning logs. (On reflection, I suppose that “drop distractions” really means “add mindfulness”. Often these challenges can be a drop or an add.) I’ve noticed the past few weeks how often I seek … Continue reading

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