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September Challenge: Drop Sweet Treats/Add Positive Health Activities

Spring has sprung a day early in Melbourne* and it seems like the perfect time after a long break to begin a new challenge: a challenge to add more healthy activities and drop the sweet treats. Not just for a … Continue reading

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Exercise motivations and blocks

I’m over halfway through my week of fitness madness and have found some positive things happening as well as some challenges. In Australia, some of the free-to-air networks have recently added an extra, shopping channel each. I generally just delete … Continue reading

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Week 41 Review: Out with the television and in with the treadmill

There’s never enough time! It always seems to disappear. I often feel as if I’ve been constantly occupied and yet nothing has been done. Nothing gets done, but somehow I don’t feel as if I’ve been relaxing, either! Enter electronic … Continue reading

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If I’d known they had super-sonic treadmills…

Well, if I’d known they had super-sonic* treadmills, maybe I would have braved the gym a lot sooner! Yes, I managed to drag myself to the gym today! I am so very proud of myself!┬áIt was quite nifty, actually, because … Continue reading

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Week 41: Drop Electronic Entertainment/Add Gym Visits

Sometimes life gets in the way of things I want or intend to do. Sometimes facebook does. This week I will drop idle computer and TV use. This means that I have banned myself from facebook, I am not allowed … Continue reading

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Week 31 Review: Moderation and Embracing Set Backs Will Change My Life (Possibly)

And so, the 31st week concludes with Zai actually losing a kilogram*. That must mean I’ve cut out a kilogram of butter from my diet! Amazing! I don’t even remember buying that much from the supermarket! Less-butter week has been … Continue reading

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It’s not painful, it’s fun!

Sometimes I read blogs or articles and one thing in them stands out, resonates, or sparks a new idea. Yesterday I was reading this blog entry about resolutions. While there was a lot in it of value, it was one … Continue reading

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