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Week 43 Review: Not as pathetic as I think I am.

When I started DO/AO, one of my first challenges was to drop negativity. This wasn’t very successful, but I did learn a few things. I learned that it’s good to have a plan for new thoughts to focus on instead … Continue reading

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Week 43: Drop “Poor Me”s/Add doing things when I feel like it.

If someone asks me how I am and I answer completely truthfully, the reply is always “Fine, but…” There is always some reason that I feel life is a little bit hard. Often it’s because I haven’t had enough sleep … Continue reading

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Week 32: Drop Distractions/Add Morning Logs

This week I will drop distractions and add morning logs. (On reflection, I suppose that “drop distractions” really means “add mindfulness”. Often these challenges can be a drop or an add.) I’ve noticed the past few weeks how often I seek … Continue reading

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Weekend 28 Review: It’s strange how some things stick and others are forgotten…

Last weekend (alright, alright, thousands of weekends ago, but the last weekend I set myself a DO/AO experimenty-challenge thingy), I tried to drop having all the answers and add appreciation. Writing this a few weeks late, I have honestly forgotten … Continue reading

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Weekend 28: Drop Having the Answers/Add Appreciating Others

This weekend, I am going to add appreciation of others and drop having the answers. People don’t usually tell me that I look nice. I realised this yesterday as I was thinking about appreciation and self-worth. Few of us ordinary … Continue reading

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Weekend 24 Review: Practising future habits.

Drop expectations. Add happiness and embracing opportunities. Sometimes these things happen so naturally that we don’t even think about them. At other times, our circumstances and feelings are so challenging that remembering them is important but not always enough. I … Continue reading

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Weekend 8 Review: But don’t I have an emotional light switch?

Weekend 8 saw me trying to forget my worries and enjoy the activities I was doing. On Thursday, we took the Preps to the Melbourne zoo. It’s a long day for kids and it was fairly warm and sunny for only the … Continue reading

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