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Weekend 28 Review: It’s strange how some things stick and others are forgotten…

Last weekend (alright, alright, thousands of weekends ago, but the last weekend I set myself a DO/AO experimenty-challenge thingy), I tried to drop having all the answers and add appreciation. Writing this a few weeks late, I have honestly forgotten … Continue reading

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Weekend 27 Review: The pros and cons of doing a lot of cleaning!

This 20-minute cleaning and decluttering thing has certainly made all my chores seem more manageable. What I like about cleaning and decluttering is how a little bit of cleaning often makes me want to do more. I start seeing all the … Continue reading

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Weekend 25 Review: Learning new lessons about old lessons

Dropping sugar and logging my food threw up two main challenges for me. When dropping sugar, I completely forgot that I can’t do it! Especially if there’s chocolate in the house. Dropping sugar for the weekend was not a complete … Continue reading

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Weekend 24 Review: Practising future habits.

Drop expectations. Add happiness and embracing opportunities. Sometimes these things happen so naturally that we don’t even think about them. At other times, our circumstances and feelings are so challenging that remembering them is important but not always enough. I … Continue reading

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Weekend 23 review part two: We don’t want no blobbies hangin’ ’round here!

Aren’t I good?? I’m reviewing my weekend near the start of the week, rather than the same day I’m hurriedly composing a post for the next weekend’s challenge! So, two posts ago I relfected on my attempts to be lighter and … Continue reading

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Partial Weekend 23 Review: Witholding my own happiness

It’s a tricky business, counteracting the insidious negative thoughts that have taken residence in the depths of my psyche. In many cases, the hardest part is identifying them in the first place, for often I’m not even aware of the … Continue reading

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Some reflective babble, on Christmas Eve.

So, with Christmas coming, my little blog has been pushed down the the priority list – but I haven’t completely forgotten Drop One/Add One, even if I haven’t been recording anything. I’d like to bump it up the list now, … Continue reading

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