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Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.

Why Watching a Lot of YouTube May Not Be Procrastination

I think it’s fairly relatable, the scenario where we read a lot of blogs, watch a lot of YouTube videos or TED talks and generally spend our time devouring information from the internet on a topic rather than actually doing … Continue reading

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It’s Not Easy to Discard Negativity

I was immediately going to jump into my next DO/AO thingy after the last, but every time I decided what I wanted to focus on, I almost immediately thought of something different, and so have been vacillating like a typical … Continue reading

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Challenge* #46 Review

Last fortnight, I tried dropping my sleep-ins and adding tech-free activities. I’ve been a little slow reviewing this, because I had a lot of random thoughts but not actually much specific to say about it. I guess this is an … Continue reading

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RESTART: Challenge #46 (fortnightly) – Drop Sleep-ins, Add Tech-free Leisure Time

Yes! It’s true! A new challenge! How exciting! *strikes an imaginary cheerleader pose* This fortnight, I will aim to get up before midday. Problematic sleeping habits have always been a major source of difficulty for me. Various things over the … Continue reading

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I’ve been pondering and half-intending to restart DO/AO challenges for a while, but have only now actually felt ready to do it. Before I officially begin a new challenge, I thought I’d write a few DO/AO side-notes: When I first … Continue reading

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Remembering the Old, But Forgetting the New

When attempting to get back to healthier/more positive habits or further improve my habits, I try to remind myself to keep in mind the lessons and realisations I have discovered in the past. For instance, one thing that I strongly … Continue reading

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Why to Blog Again More (AKA You WordPressers are Wunnerful)

Sooooo…I really had never intended to post even one, let alone this second link back to my other blog all of a sudden in just one day! However, I felt the urge to write this latest post and honestly couldn’t … Continue reading

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