Exercise motivations and blocks

I’m over halfway through my week of fitness madness and have found some positive things happening as well as some challenges.

In Australia, some of the free-to-air networks have recently added an extra, shopping channel each. I generally just delete these so they don’t annoy me as I flick, but I one of them also shows a few proper programs in between all the selling. This week, I tried out their yoga TV program and I found I loved it. It’s an American program called Yoga For Life. The guy who hosts it seems a little corny at times, but I actually really like the way he runs the class. It begins with an introduction to the featured moves, before the proper class begins. He always has one of his demonstrators modelling “modified” version for beginners and constantly reminds the viewers about good form and not to push themselves if they can’t do everything. I certainly can’t do everything they do!!

I’ve now got three recorded. The one I’ve tried (twice) so far is a yoga flow class, which means it’s a bit more dynamic and flows through the moves more quickly than a more meditative kind. I found it got me sweating very quickly and was a great way to combine some moderate movement with strength and stretching (I loooove the stretching). I don’t get enough strength in. I enjoy the more meditative, slower kind of yoga too – it’s great for flexibility and vitality – but it was nice to feel that I’d also done a bit of a workout.

So I’ve managed for the past two days to go through that yoga class and so some form of more cardio-focused exercise.

I’m challenged today, though. Despite my wonderful exercising and healthier eating, I’ve slept really badly this week. Today, it has all caught up with me. I was going to have a day off the more strenuous type of yoga anyway, but all day I’ve felt just too exhausted for anything. Added to this, I had work in the morning and it’s got quite hot in the afternoon.

In general, I’m happy to give myself a day off sometimes, but these three things (tiredness, work and heat/weather) are things that are often blocks to my exercise. With Summer approaching (and a typical Melbourne Spring seems to involve jumping from Winter to Summer to Winter to Summer, so in a way it’s already here), I’m going to have more situations like this. I’m not really sure yet how to overcome these blocks.


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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One Response to Exercise motivations and blocks

  1. Viv says:

    I know you mean motivation in the sense of being able to get started and keep going, but it made me think about something I read the other day. It was no doubt talking about motivation where motivations is ‘wanting to do’, ‘wanting to keep going’. And how you don’t need to be that sort of motivated, you just have to do it. You can hate every minute of it, you can not feel like going, you can be feeling a bit horrible, but you just have to do it- by scheduling, and by working around those schedules, not trying to work the schedule in around x, y, z. But as I said I don’t think that’s the kind of motivation you’re after 🙂

    What does the Doc say about sleeping and migraines/headaches?

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