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If I’d known they had super-sonic treadmills…

Well, if I’d known they had super-sonic* treadmills, maybe I would have braved the gym a lot sooner! Yes, I managed to drag myself to the gym today! I am so very proud of myself!┬áIt was quite nifty, actually, because … Continue reading

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Week 41: Drop Electronic Entertainment/Add Gym Visits

Sometimes life gets in the way of things I want or intend to do. Sometimes facebook does. This week I will drop idle computer and TV use. This means that I have banned myself from facebook, I am not allowed … Continue reading

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Week 40 and Review: Drop Junk Food/Add Statements of Greatness

Well, my blossoms, I feel like I am turning a corner! This week I attempted to drop all junk food, and I finally feel that I am on my way. I have been trying to get back to healthy eating … Continue reading

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Week 39 Review: The birds have flown but the mushrooms are here to stay.

Last week I dropped electronic clutter. I don’t think I had completely appreciated how big a task this was! I began with the most momentus of all my electronic decluttering: I removed all four versions of Angry Birds from my … Continue reading

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Week 39: Drop electronic clutter/Add new foods

I had big plans for this week, but now I am sick, so I have had to re-evaluate! This week I am attempting to drop some of the electronic clutter in my life. I seem to be a natural hoarder … Continue reading

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Week 38: Drop chocolate/Add a schedule

I’ve been working a lot this fortnight and finding it a bit hard to find some mental energy for blogging, so I know I’m a little behind! A review of my last blogged challenge is pending. This post will be … Continue reading

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