Weekend 24 Review: Practising future habits.

Drop expectations. Add happiness and embracing opportunities.

Sometimes these things happen so naturally that we don’t even think about them. At other times, our circumstances and feelings are so challenging that remembering them is important but not always enough.

I took advantage of waking up ridiculously early and had a morning walk by the beach.

I experienced both of these situations while away for the weekend at the beach house. There were times when it was so nice to just be sitting on the beach, relaxing with my family or playing with my two-year-old nephew that I forgot to notice how nice it was. This is not a bad thing, but I do feel that I miss chances to fully enjoy nice things and that I would be a happier person if I remember to be more aware of when things are good. I think I did remember it more than I usually do. I’m really trying to allow myself to be properly happy, rather than to always have a reservation or a worry in the back of my mind. I can remember a number of times during the weekend away when I did make myself stop, relax and try to let myself go fully into the happiness that was there, but this is still something that I forget most of the time.

Eagle's Next

Tired and a bit out of sorts, I tried to focus on making myself happy by taking photos.

There were a few other times when things didn’t feel so positive, mainly due to being unable to sleep much for about three nights in a row and the compounded fact that my utterly adorable nephew (who was also overtired) is extremely fond of his Auntie and would hardly even let me go to the toilet! It makes it a bit hard to do much for myself, let alone to get some rest! At times when things weren’t going my way and I was struggling to find a good mood, I really tried very hard to remember my foci for the weekend. Merely remembering them wasn’t enough to properly regain my equilibrium, but I did find that it often calmed me enough to not descend into self-pity or downright grumpiness. I’m proud of the fact that I tried so hard to accept things as they were rather than compare them to some expectation I had and to feel alright if things felt like a failure. I’m proud of the fact that I tried so hard to enjoy myself rather than get hung up on negatives. I think these are the times when I need to remember these perspectives the most. Even though I didn’t completely succeed, the fact that I tried means that I will hopefully get better and having a more accepting, open and happy perspective in the future. If I can keep trying, even if I’m not succeeding, then hopefully it will eventually become a habit, for the more challenging times as well as the nice times.

Me at the beach!


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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2 Responses to Weekend 24 Review: Practising future habits.

  1. Viv says:

    Love the photos! Esp the one of you 🙂 And the rock picture is fabulous.

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