Weekend 23 review part two: We don’t want no blobbies hangin’ ’round here!

Aren’t I good?? I’m reviewing my weekend near the start of the week, rather than the same day I’m hurriedly composing a post for the next weekend’s challenge!

So, two posts ago I relfected on my attempts to be lighter and happier, but I didn’t comment on my more physical efforts.

Drop One, Add One, you are one powerful project. I am in awe of your influence! Last weekend was one of the hottest we’ve had in a while. I do not cope well with heat (I wilt and get headachey), and it is usually one sure way to stop me exercising. On Saturday, the air conditioning in our house made it just bearable to do some of my weird Zaiene aerobics-dancing to music. (Which, of course, required me to first do some tidying in order to make enough space!) What is even more impressive is that, on Sunday, I went for a walk after tea (dinner), even though it was still much warmer than I would normally risk. On Saturday, I had managed not to be too blobbish, breaking up stints of sedentry activity by stretching or doing a bit of yoga. On Sunday, I was much more of a blob and only managed to do any exercise because I was determined not to fail this weekend! Such is the power of the Drop One, Add One experiment!

It is no surprise that I find exercise beneficial. What I did like was breaking up my sedentry activities with something gently physical, such as five minutes of stretching. I feel that this helped physically because it stopped me getting to cramped up in reading or computer positions and therefore getting stiff or getting a headache. I feel it also helped psychologically. It allowed me to step back and check that I was doing relaxing, enjoyable things and not just killing time being a blob. It also helped me enjoy my sedentry, cerebral activities because I felt that I was doing more than just sitting around all day. I felt that I had put some time into my physical wellbeing, too. It actually felt really rewarding to have the time just to focus on doing things for me, rather than feel stressed that every time I do some yoga or while away some time on a puzzle I’m actually avoiding study or other chores. I’m working very hard at allowing myself to relax these holidays!


About Zaiene

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life I am inspired by so many different ideals of how to live a happy, fulfilled and productive life but struggle to get around to it. Large scale changes are intimidating and difficult to sustain, so this is my bite-sized life experiment. Each week*, I will find one thing in my life to drop and one thing to add. I will try to drop things that have a negative, unhealthy or over-absorbing effect on my life. I will try to add things that will have a positive, healthy, empowering or useful effect on my life. The experiment is to see whether I can cope with these changes and whether they really do improve my life. *(I began it as each weekend, as a less intimidating challenge. After about ten months, I felt that I wanted whole-week - well, Monday-to-Friday - challenges.)
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