Weekend 15: Drop morning procrastination/add meditation

Recently, I have been recalling when I was at first uni, studying to become a teacher. I would wake in the mornings thinking about an assignment that was due, my mind would start mulling over it and begin to develop a plan for how to tackle or write it. Before too long, I’d be motivated to get myself up and get working on my assignment before I lost my momentum and forgot my ideas. Of course, this was usually only the day or two before it was due. I was not as good a student then, overall.

With second uni, I’ve generally (this semester excepted) found that I put in a more consistent effort, that I start assignments earlier, that I research more thoroughlly and construct essays more logically. But I don’t wake up with that same motivation for getting things started early, and I’ve always been the kind of person who prefers to get work or chores or shopping done earlier in the day. This year in particular, I’ve been finding it really hard to get properly going. Getting ready for work always seems to take longer than I anticipate. If I’m planning a day out shopping or am going to my sister’s to help out, I seem to leave up to a whole hour later than I’d intended. If I’m at home, I seem to take ages over breakfast and then find a million other things (such as blogging) to do before I even contemplate study or other chores. I’m definitely in pursuit of a more calm and relaxed way of being, but starting my day by procrastinating with “relaxing” nothings only puts more pressure on the rest of the day, when my drive peters out.

It will be a struggle to change this morning habit, because it naturally takes most of us a while to really get going if we don’t have to, but that is what I want to try. I really want to drop all of those little procrastinations that I allow to distract me until it’s suddenly partway through the afternoon. I want to try to get some study done first thing in the morning. I want to start it with breakfast, because I think that is the first instance of me turning my mind to something else (the internet, the newspaper, a book…).

I’m also going to have another go at adding meditation to the weekend. I know I’m very novice at meditating, but that is why I’d really like to make it more of a habit.


About Zaiene

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life I am inspired by so many different ideals of how to live a happy, fulfilled and productive life but struggle to get around to it. Large scale changes are intimidating and difficult to sustain, so this is my bite-sized life experiment. Each week*, I will find one thing in my life to drop and one thing to add. I will try to drop things that have a negative, unhealthy or over-absorbing effect on my life. I will try to add things that will have a positive, healthy, empowering or useful effect on my life. The experiment is to see whether I can cope with these changes and whether they really do improve my life. *(I began it as each weekend, as a less intimidating challenge. After about ten months, I felt that I wanted whole-week - well, Monday-to-Friday - challenges.)
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