Weekend 13 Review: Accio toothbrush!

Forgotten little weekend 13 finally gets its review, albeit a short one.

For weekend 13, I dropped late nights and I added meditation. Dropping late nights for a single weekend was nice, but not enough on its own to completely change my sleeping habits. What I mostly liked about it was a sense of calm that came from starting my going-to-bed routine earlier and having a lot of time to read and unwind in bed, considering that it often takes me a fair while to actually get to sleep. (On the Sunday night, going to bed on time actually meant I lay in bed for a long time not going to sleep, but that’s to be expected when I’m trying to change my sleeping habits.)

I would love to say the meditation was relaxing, but I didn’t do it! Instead, I spent the whole weekend finishing off my Harry Potter re-read and devouring the last three books. While it wasn’t practising the mindful, calming habits that I would like to develop, it certainly fulfilled the time-out and relaxing aims that I had had for the weekend. I seem to have found it hard in the last year or so to find any new books or authors who really sweep me away and allow me to escape. The ones that do are ones I’ve read before and it becomes harder and harder to get completely lost in something when I’ve read it five times already – and the last time within six months. The newer books I’ve been reading are by authors such as Elizabeth Gaskell or Charles Dickens and, while they are well-written and readable, they haven’t completely swept me away. I feel like I need flowing, escapist books at the moment. It was lovely to let myself get lost in the Harry Potter world, even if I’ve already read those books multiple times. I shall have to save meditation for another week!


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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