Weekend 7 Review: Stop making me have fun!!

For me, last weekend really helped me to realise how much I think I need food when I actually don’t. I was actually a little surprised at how successful dropping the snacks by making sure I was eating proper meals was. While my mind certainly did turn to snacking more often than I think it should, I found that it was increasingly less as the weekend went on. I got used to knowing that my tummy was contentedly full.

The only irony was that my snacking is usually healthier than some of my meals were last weekend!! Specifically, on Saturday I was still struggling with my viral lethargy and spend all afternoon dozing in bed. Dad realised that I wasn’t going to have any energy for cooking and, while he sometimes cooks for himself (or reheats a meal I’ve made and frozen for him), he doesn’t quite have the cooking skills to rustle up an acceptable meal for me. So, when I eventually dragged myself out of bed around dinner time, I discovered he’d very kindly got fish ‘n’ chips for us! I really was relieved, because I hadn’t known how I was going to manage – but it wasn’t exactly healthy!

I had mixed feelings about last weekend’s add one. The idea of regaining my enthusiasm for things I like was initially exciting. I spent a lovely little while reading The Micropedia of World History, a very undetailed, timeline-based, euro/anglo-centric book that my mum gave me for a birthday when I was in my teens. I tend to process information in a global cognitive style, so I understand and remember things better when I have an overview for how everything fits in before I get the details. So, even though it was a very basic book, it put things in a chronological and somewhat global context. I then went on to listen to a Yale University podcast on European Civilisation from iTunes U. I managed to do a little bit of sketching (bad sketching, but improving is part of the reason for doing it more often).

These were all lovely things, but the overwhelming feeling I had was actually of an extra chore to do. As well as all my usual chores, as well as a few committments I had and as well as study, I also felt that I had to find time to do some hobbies. It was quite stressful!!

I’m a bit disappointed about this, because I really wanted to find myself energised and relaxed by devoting more time to hobbies and interests. In the end, I suppose the rest of life gets in the way – such as uni, illness, friends and family – and it’s most important to focus on what’s in front of me. I still like the idea of putting more effort into making time for my hobbies and interests, but perhaps they do need to take a lower priority unless I actually have genuine free time.


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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