Weekend 7: Snack-habits/Things I Enjoy

This weekend, I am going to try to snack less. I would like to train myself out of the habit of always going for food when I feel in any way unsatisfied. Often, my snacks are not especially unhealthy snacks, but the habit means that perhaps one out of five is unhealthy, which averages as perhaps one decent junk food snack a day. Plus, the food doesn’t really address the problem of being unsatisfied – or dissatisfied – with something, it just makes me feel happy – or sometimes merely less bored – momentarily. If I do feel hungry, I’m going to make myself stop and have a proper meal or mini-meal (like soup or a yummy corn-on-the-cob). If I’m not really hungry, or if I’ve only just eaten, then I’m going to try to find something else to do. (Note awesome segue! Yes, I knew your jaw would drop.)

This weekend I am going to spend time on things I claim to enjoy. Some people call these hobbies or interests. The general idea is that I like these things enough to voluntarily spend my free time focusing on these. Except I never seem to do so.

Zaiene’s hobbies include: Playing piano watching television, writing browsing other people’s blogs, reading watching online programs, web design playing Angry Birds, making jewellery mucking around on facebook and Twitter, singing browsing the net, playing tennis watching tennis, drawing watching DVDs.

Zaiene’s interests include: History what people are saying on Twitter, psychology articles about Harry Potter, mythology the TV guide for the coming week, geography what people are saying on facebook, languages Talk Like a Pirate Day, Arr, art chocolatey recipes, theatre celebrity interviews.

You see, these are (just some of) the things I have loved to do or to learn about, and that doesn’t even begin to cover all the new things I’d like to learn or find out about. I can remember as a child and teenager spending a lot of time on things I loved. I used to have tennis lessons and piano lessons. I took part in school productions. I would spend recess and lunchtime writing stories or hanging out in the music room. I borrowed huge piles of books on mythology from the library. I poured over my stamp collection and carefully selected the few new stamps I could afford from the catalogues. I wrote a humourous monthly newspaper for my friends and family. I spent hours teaching myself HTML and fiddling around with web page designs. I had such enthusiasm for these things. Now, it feels like I never have time!

To be truthful, whenever an opportunity arises on which to expend some mental and/or physical energy, I instead choose the easier option. All of these things, and more, I would like to continue to learn about and develop and improve at. I suppose I expend a lot of energy on work and study and so I’m more likely to choose something mindless and sedentary when I have leisure time.

Notably, Weekend 1 was interrupted by my Dad’s scary amnesia episode and I then launched straight into a very active and tiring fortnight of hosting my Swedish friends. In the aftermath, I realised that those mindless, sedentary pursuits really do have a restorative value in my life and do an amazing job of grounding me by letting me settle down for a while. This weekend, I am not trying to completely deprive myself of this restorative, tune-out time. I am aiming to cut out the times when I am aimlessly channel or web surfing and replace them with some time refocusing on the other things I love.

I mentally define myself by a lot of these interests and hobbies, but it’s now like describing myself by the fact that I went to high school – something that may have shaped me but is no longer relevant. If I want these things to be relevant again, I’ll have to give them some attention.I know I won’t have time to do all of my hobbies or learn more about all of my interests, so I’ll just choose a few (for instance, two hobbies and one topic of interest) and try to devote some time throughout the weekend just to those. I’ll pick this challenge up again on another weekend to have a go at more of the things I enjoy. I could simply choose specific hobbies/interests to focus on this weekend, but I think it will work better if I Allow the Universe to Guide Me (translation for you unenlightened folk: I’ll Get Up in the Morning and See What I Feel Like Doing).


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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