Weekend 4 Review – Is the opposite of a “sugar rush” a “sugar drag”?

So…perhaps dropping sugar on a weekend when I was trying to be very productive wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had…

Well, perhaps it wasn’t the fault of the lack of usual sugar, but I certainly felt lethargic all weekend. When I woke up on Monday morning, I felt as if I had a bit of a cold and I haven’t quite managed to shake that, although it also hasn’t developed fully. It is possible that my body was fighting something over the weekend, or even just that I was normally tired after two days of teaching energetic five-year-olds followed by a Friday afternoon/evening babysitting my boistrous 19-month-old nephew. I did struggle to find energy this weekend, though, so perhaps I was feeling the lack of an occasional energy hit from sugar. It is interesting to wonder whether my body did go into any kind of sugar-withdrawal, and if I might have begun to feel much better if I’d kept at it for enough days for my body to adjust. Instead, the only benefit I did feel was a sense of virtue. (Followed by helping my sister eat a block of chocolate on Monday and eating a whole packet of chocolate biscuits today…um…) In fact, the weekend did reinforce for me how easy it is not to eat extra sugary foods, if I only have something decent to eat instead when I’m peckish. I have now eaten all my home-made soup, apples, cashew nuts and other relatively healthy nibblies – which is my excuse for the chocolate biscuits! Just as well there’s a new pot of soup on the stove.

I was wondering if (hoping that) cutting back on all my sweetened foods would actually help me sleep better, since I’ve been a really unsettled sleeper for a lot of my adult life. However, I found that I didn’t sleep particularly well at all over the weekend (oh yes, another likely reason for feeling lazy), so I don’t think sugar alone is having an impact on my sleep. In fact, I had a hot chocolate last night before bed (I remember seeing some scientific evidence, although I can’t locate it at the moment, for warm milk aiding sleep), which of course is sugary, and actually slept for amost six hours straight. Considering how easy it was to not eat sugary things, I think I should make even more of an effort to stock all sorts of alternative snacks in the house and remember to choose them when I’m peckish. It’s more difficult without the motivation of a drop one, add one weekend, but there’s really nothing to be gained from eating the sugary stuff.

As you might have guessed, I didn’t get all of my organisation done, so it is difficult to judge whether this would have had a wonderful calming effect on the rest of my week. I did about half the things I needed, but that has still left me with a feeling of things hanging over my head. It was great to feel motivated to get at least some of my organisation out the way at the start of the week. This is definitely something I will try again. I still think it’s a really worthwhile aim, but I perhaps need to refine what I feel I need to achieve and learn to be more focused and efficient in getting that done. For instance, I did do planning for teaching on the weekend, but I ended up trying to plan for the next few weeks, when I really only had to get my next lesson planned. I can do some more planning at school (when I’ll actually get paid for it). I got carried away in the creativity of it, which I miss since I don’t usually have my own class to plan for. Unfortunately, it used up most of what organising energy I had.

It’s a bit trite to say that this weekend may not have been completely successful but I have learned a lot from it. Really, the organisation addition was simply a failure because I didn’t manage to see it through. I have managed to learn something from it about focus and efficiency, but it would have been better to have discovered that organisation was nifty and that getting it all done made me feel so calm and on top of everything for the week. As far as dropping sugar went, I didn’t suddenly discover an amazing sense of physical purity, but I was actually successful at avoiding sugary foods for the weekend. So woo, go me!


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Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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5 Responses to Weekend 4 Review – Is the opposite of a “sugar rush” a “sugar drag”?

  1. I had just written a post about figuring out how to incorporate sugar in a moderate manner when I came across your post about sugar…Interesting! 🙂


    • Zaiene says:

      That is interesting! On the weekend I came across the same topic by Sarah Wilson, although I have no interest in quitting sugar to such an extreme degree! Then one of my friends said that she was trying to quit sugar, too. It does seem strange how suddenly we notice something everywhere!

  2. This may or may not be helpful, but Candida (a yeast found in the gut that feeds on sugar) can overgrow, causing cravings for simple processed sugars, fatigue, sleeplessness, and weight gain. I had it for years before figuring out why I wanted to eat all the time (eating to suppress emotions also played a role). Cutting back on sugar, processed foods, and vinegar causes the yeast to “die off,” releasing it into the blood stream to be removed as waste. As with many toxic cleanses, while the body is in the process of removing the waste, cold and flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and even feeling drunk are common.

    • Zaiene says:

      That’s really interesting! I will keep that in mind. I also realised after I wrote this that my allergy spray was near its dregs and now have a new one. So will all of these ideas I now have many good reasons for feeling under the weather!

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