Weekend 3 Review – Warriors, dogs and cats*

Last weekend didn’t really have the mental success that I was hoping for, but it definitely brought about some physical positives.

My aim was to add “meditative stretching” and I think the lack of signicant mental benefit that I felt was partly because I didn’t do the meditative part properly, especially before bed. I knew that I should have started getting ready for bed earlier so that I would have more time to set aside for stretching for a good, relaxed ten minutes. I even could have listened to soothing music while stretching. Instead, I went to bed late on Saturday and Sunday night and was too tired and rushed about getting to bed to give myself the time and space I needed.

I did make sure that I stretched every morning and evening, though. I found that doing my physio back stretches in the evening helped me feel more comfortable in bed, which is always a good thing. In the mornings I found that I preferred doing ten minutes of the few yoga poses* I know, which are also very stretchifying for my back and shoulders. Since I often feel lazy in the mornings, I actually found that it felt more energising to have my body feel loose and relaxed for the day. I’ve actually managed to do at least a five-minute yoga session most mornings this week and am planning to do one once I’ve finished blogging.

Trying to drop tension was a little harder. There were times when I was driving or sitting around and my strategy of breathing into tense areas and breathing out the tension to relax them wasn’t effective enough when I was busy. Increased awareness of when my shoulders are hunched and my body stuck in tense, awkward positions was helpful, though, because I found myself applying that during the week. Without providing huge changes, it certainly didn’t hurt keep an eye on my posture and body tension.


About Zaiene

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life I am inspired by so many different ideals of how to live a happy, fulfilled and productive life but struggle to get around to it. Large scale changes are intimidating and difficult to sustain, so this is my bite-sized life experiment. Each week*, I will find one thing in my life to drop and one thing to add. I will try to drop things that have a negative, unhealthy or over-absorbing effect on my life. I will try to add things that will have a positive, healthy, empowering or useful effect on my life. The experiment is to see whether I can cope with these changes and whether they really do improve my life. *(I began it as each weekend, as a less intimidating challenge. After about ten months, I felt that I wanted whole-week - well, Monday-to-Friday - challenges.)
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