Weekend 1 in review.

Well, last weekend and this week has been challenging, because my Dad had a health scare two days before my friends from Sweden arrived. On Sunday, he suddenly developed amnesia (couldn’t remember events from a few minutes ago nor even up to a year ago), so I had a worrying day waiting to see if he recovered and waiting for the home visit doctor to come (six hours after I rang them), and waiting around at the hospital. They kept him in hospital for a few days to do some tests and then waiting to be transferred to another hospital with a neurology department to do more tests! He recovered before the home visit doctor even arrived, and is fine now, but it has been a challenging week balancing that with looking after my Swedish friends.

Today is the first day I’ve had a proper chance to sit down and reflect on last weekend’s experiment, which I only did actively on Saturday.

I think the most interesting thing about drying to broaden my horizons was how quickly they did broaden. By reading about current national and world affairs, I very quickly picked up on the key stories for the weekend and found myself interested to follow them in the news subsequently (which was tricky this week). Furthermore, being on the lookout for items in the media on less familiar topics actually has made me more aware of any opportunity to experience a different perspective, even though I haven’t always had the time this week to take it. I would say that this has been a very successful experiment in that way. Sometimes the best changes are not the ones that change what I know or can do, but the ones that change how I view the world around me.

The plain milk challenge was interesting, in a way. It seemed like such a simple thing, because we all know we should consume healthily and plain milk is hardly the next surprising superfood. I can’t say that I drank plain milk and suddenly felt that my body was purified and I felt light and sunshiney. In fact, I generally felt like having a drink of water to get rid of the milk taste. I had almost decided on Sunday that I couldn’t make myself drink four half-glasses of milk each day (because I can’t drink a whole glass), without adding flavour to them and had resolved to try to merely add significantly less flavour or sweetener.

However, before I had completely given up, my new twitter account proved its worth. I had set it up just in case I acquired a small audience sometime in the future because I thought it might be motivational for me to be able to give short updates on how I was going over the weekend. Because it’s not a personal account to just get bogged down with friends’ tweets (my facebook page gets overwhelming enough), I instead searched for tweeters of topics that I thought would be interesting or enlightening and therefore started following @visityourself (“daily tips for mindfulness meditation”). To my surprise, they followed me in return and I received an encouraging reply, reminding me that if people could acquire a taste for alcohol it was worthwhile persisting with the milk. So I will! Hopefully, I’ll feel light and sunshiney in thirty years’ time, when my bones are still healthy.

Interestingly, I would therefore say that my first experiment has been somewhat successful. I may not be enamoured of the plain milk, but I am endeavouring to drink more plain milk on a daily basis. I may not have had time to read or pay attention to much recently, but I have gained an awareness that I will hopefully be able to maintain with only a little encouragement. So far, the idea of bite-sized trials seems to be working, because I am carrying these through beyond the weekend.


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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