Drop What? Add What?

I should study more/spend more time on myself/go on the computer less/blog more/use less energy/excercise more/have a simpler life/embrace complexity/do more for the environment/work harder/read more/spend less time indoors/visit more places/spend less money/be more positive/procrastinate less/meditate/spend more time with family/get distracted from study less/eat smaller portions/eat more vegetables/be more organised/be less selfish/do more for society/buy less stuff/reorganise my life/eat organically/dor more for others/focus on myself/do one thing at a time/take on the world/be more hard-headed/listen to my heart/be satisfied with what I have/work harder to achieve…

I tend to have big ideas and little satisfaction. Reading Sarah Wilson or watching TED talks, I find myself inspired to change my life in many ways but always struggle with how.

These are the main things I would like:
I would like to be more content with my life and who I am. I am very introspective and very hard on myself. I find it easy to notice my shortcomings and rarely feel like I’m doing enough.
I would like to feel productive. I am a naturally sedentary type and would rather entertain myself with a book or puzzle than have to deal with things that need to be done. I am sensitive and easily-embarassed, so I’d rather stay with things that are safe than really push myself to deal with the World and risk failure.
I would like to make more of a difference. I am a qualified primary teacher and am currently at university studying Psychology, but I feel an urge to make more of a difference than I do. I get held back by needing time to work and study but also by a lack of drive.

I get inspired, and then I get discouraged. Large scale changes are intimidating and difficult to sustain, so this is my bite-sized life experiment. Each weekend, I will find one thing in my life to drop and one thing to add. I will try to drop things that have a negative, unhealthy or over-absorbing effect on my life. I will try to add things that will have a positive, healthy, empowering or useful effect on my life. They will often be small, managable things, but things that I might like to develop into a habit.

The experiment it to see whether I can cope with these changes, whether I keep any of the changes and whether they really do improve my life.


About Zaiene

Life is large and I am small. Filled with over-complicated thoughts and little tendency towards action, this is me, doing the best I can right now.
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